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Military Flight Aptitude: Conversions and Equivalents

The Military Flight Aptitude Test will ask you about measurements and conversions. Need to quickly convert a metric unit to a U.S. customary one? No problem. Here are some fast conversion formulas for your viewing pleasure:

  • Seconds to minutes: Number of seconds / 60 = number of minutes

  • Meters to inches: Number of meters / 0.0254 = number of inches

  • Centimeters to inches: Number of centimeters / 2.54 = number of inches

  • Kilograms to pounds: Number of kilograms / 0.45 = number of pounds

  • Pascals to atmospheres: Number of pascals / 101.325 = number of atmospheres

  • Joules to calories: Number of joules / 4.184 = number of calories

These tables provide a handy list of metric equivalents that you can use to get the hang of the various metric measurements.

Length Metric Equivalents
UnitAbbreviationNumber of MetersApproximate U.S. Customary Equivalent
kilometer km 1,000 0.62 miles
hectometer hm 100 328.08 feet
dekameter dam 10 32.81 feet
meter m 1 39.37 inches
decimeter dm 0.1 3.94 inches
centimeter cm 0.01 0.39 inches
millimeter mm 0.001 0.039 inches
micrometer μ 0.000001 0.000039 inches
Area Metric Equivalents
UnitAbbreviationNumber of Square MetersApproximate U.S. Customary Equivalent
square kilometer sq km or km2 1,000,000 0.3861 square miles
hectare ha 10,000 2.47 acres
acre a 4,047 4,840 square yards
square centimeter sq cm or cm2 0.0001 0.155 square inches
Volume Metric Equivalents
UnitAbbreviationNumber of Cubic MetersApproximate U.S. Customary Equivalent
cubic meter m3 1 1.307 cubic yards
cubic decimeter dm3 0.001 61.023 cubic inches
cubic centimeter cu cm, cm3, or cc 0.000001 0.061 cubic inches
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