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Measurements Used in Nutrition

Part of the Nutrition For Dummies Cheat Sheet

This chart defines the words – and the abbreviations – used in nutrition to describe quantities of solids and liquids from the miniscule (vitamins and minerals) to the relatively large (water).

Abbreviation Measurement Equivalent
g gram 1,000 milligrams
1,000,000 micrograms
mg milligram 1/1,000 gram
mcg microgram 1/1,000,000 gram
kg kilogram 1,000 grams
2.2 pounds
lb pound 0.45 kilograms
16 ounces
l liter 1,000 milliliters
10 deciliters
dl deciliter 1/10 liter
ml milliliter 1/1,000 liter
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Nutrition For Dummies Cheat Sheet


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