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Math Facts to Know for the SAT

Part of the SAT For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Every SAT Math section includes a box of useful geometry formulas and rules — but to succeed on the SAT, you can’t rely only on that given information. You need to be familiar with numbers, operations, algebra, geometry, functions, and probability. Here are just a few of the important math-related facts you need to know:

  • Some phrases — less than, fewer than, shorter than, subtracted from — reverse the order of subtraction (for example, four less than x is x – 4).

  • In a triangle, the largest angle is opposite the largest side, and the smallest angle is opposite the smallest side.

  • The sum of two sides of any triangle must be larger than the length of the third side.

  • In a circle, inscribed angles are half as large as their arcs.

  • A tangent line and a radius always form a right angle.

  • To solve a linear equation, isolate the variable on one side of the equal sign.

  • A base to the zero power equals one (100 = 1, for example).

  • Anything quadratic on the SAT can usually be factored.

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