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Manage Events in Mac's iPhoto '11

iPhoto '11 helps you organize and edit images on your Mac. Photos are organized by events in iPhoto, with all the images from a single date grouped into the same event. You can browse events to find an image to view, edit, or share.

You can also split or merge events, in order to group photos taken at the same activity (such as a soccer game, birthday party, or a weekend retreat) together.

Skim through events in iPhoto to find a photo

It's fabulous that all the pictures attached to a single event are organized in one grouping. But if you're the least bit snap-happy, an individual event may be attached to dozens, if not hundreds, of photos. A very cool skimming feature in iPhoto helps you find the images you want among the others in the given Events pile.

All the photos grouped in an event are represented by a single photo that sits atop an interactive thumbnail. Events are labeled by the name you assigned them or the date. Drag your mouse over the thumbnail and watch how quickly you can skim through all the underlying pictures. No clicking required. Stop rolling the mouse when you land on the image you're looking for.

To change the thumbnail that sits atop the Events stack, skim to the image you'd like to use and press the spacebar. When you move the mouse away, that very image appears on top.

To view all the pictures that make up an event, double-click the thumbnail. Click the All Events button to return to the previous view.

As with the Photos view, you can drag the zoom slider at the lower left of the iPhoto window in either direction to watch the Events thumbnails grow or shrink.

Split or merge events in iPhoto to organize images

Images in iPhoto are normally grouped by event (date) but you can split or merge events when needed. For example, suppose you attended the soccer game in the afternoon and the birthday party in the evening. Initially, iPhoto will place all these photos in the same event. But we're really talking two events here – the soccer game and the birthday party.

To solve the problem, just split the event into two events. Assuming the weekend retreat took place over several days, you can merge the two events to create a single one.

Double-click the event you want to split and then highlight the picture that begins the new event. Choose Events→Split Event.


Double-click where it says Untitled Event, and type a name. Click the All Events button at the upper-left corner to return to the main Events view. Click the title under your newly split event and type a new name.

If the pictures you want in your new event aren't adjacent to one another, press Command and click the photos you want to include.

To merge events, drag one thumbnail over the other and click Merge when the dialog shown here appears. Then head over to the newly merged event in the display area, click on the event name − at this point probably "untitled event" − and type over it with a new name.

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