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The media-file collections known as albums are a key element in the struggle to organize the many and various files you use in projects created with the Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 suite. Albums enable you to associate different types of media that you might want to use together in a particular project (such as a DVD movie).

The great thing about albums is that you don't have to physically move or copy all the media files you want to associate with one another into the same folder. An album can keep track of all the different files regardless of where they're actually located on your computer system. This includes files saved in folders on your hard disk, files saved in folders on a network drive to which you have access, and files saved in folders on backup CD and DVD discs (that you can actually initiate from Roxio Media Manager).

To create a new album, follow these steps:

1. Launch the Media Manager and then click the My Albums tab in the navigation pane.

Media Manager displays the contents of the last selected album in the contents pane of the Media Manager window.

2. Click the album icon in the album hierarchy under which you want the new album to appear, and then click the Create a New Album button at the top of the My Albums tab.

Media Manager adds a New Album icon (which you need to rename) in the album hierarchy in alphabetical order under the album that you originally selected, while at the same time displaying an empty album in the contents pane on the right.

3. Replace New Album by typing your own album name and then pressing Enter.

4. Click the Add to Album button at the top of the My Albums tab.

The Add to Albums window opens where you open the folder that contains the media files you want in the album collection and then select them.

5. Select the folder in the folders' hierarchy in the Folders pane of the Add to Albums window that contains the media files you to add and then select all the files to add from that folder in the contents pane before you click the Add button.

When you click the Add button, Media Manager closes the Add to Album window and then adds thumbnails and file icons for all the media files you selected for adding.

6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until you have added all the media files you want in the new album.

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