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Not all slipcovers give you the nice neat look you want. If you have a slipcover that slides off or pouches out and makes your furniture look tired and lumpy, you can improve the fit by adding darts. Darts are a way of tucking in excess fabric to get a cleaner, more streamlined look. They’re great to apply around curves to get the smooth, rounded effect you want. Think of a tailored shirt or a fitted dress: The contours that hug the body are created with darts. The same principle applies to sofa, loveseat, and armchair slipcovers.

To tailor your slipcover with darts, follow these easy steps:

  1. Turn your slipcover inside out and place it back on the piece of furniture for which it was intended.

  2. Note which areas are a bit baggy, pinching the offending fabric up and away from the surface of the furniture.

  3. Pin it so that the two sections of fabric come together creating a smooth surface beneath it.

    To create a dart correctly, start pinning at one corner and work your way out to the other corner. Unless your darts are big and interfere with the way the slipcover smoothes out on the furniture, you don’t need to cut away the excess fabric.

  4. Sew your darts individually with the straight stitch setting on your sewing machine.

If you have a bit of bagginess on one side of your slipcover, chances are you have it on the other side as well, so create your darts on each side in mirror images to ensure a great fit.

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