A lot of factors determine whether you will win a deal. But no matter how complex your sales are, we guarantee that making things difficult on your sales reps will not improve your sales. Salesforce has a lot of features that can make things easier on your sales reps and make them more productive. Here are some tips to put your sales reps at ease:

  • Stop looking over their shoulders. It’s tough to let your sales reps run on their own, but it’ll make them better at their job. Set guidelines on what types of deals they can close on their own without any oversight. The key factors that determine this should be tracked on the opportunity in Salesforce. You can then fine-tune Salesforce’s Approval Process engine to automatically approve allowed deals but inform you of those that need to be reviewed by you.

    A little leeway should encourage your reps to push deals into their green zone. After you’ve established more confidence in your reps, you can adjust the approval process to give them more flexibility and give you back more of your time.

  • Products are productive. Have you ever looked at the cash register at a fast-food restaurant? The register has a button for each item on the menu and can get your order in as fast as you can say it. Imagine how long the line would be if an employee had to type in your order on a normal keyboard. You may not need to move as quickly, but you don’t have to be slow.

    When you use products in Salesforce, your reps can build an order with a few clicks and the math is even done for them. Best of all, you get to run reports on what is selling and what isn’t and have better insight for production and delivery.

  • Paperwork does not have to be a chore. Putting together an estimate is so much easier than convincing a prospect to buy, yet it’s what most sales reps dread the most. It’s terrible practice to procrastinate about putting together an estimate or wait so long that your prospects would remind you to do it. All that changed when Salesforce released its Quotes feature; it is a true game-changer.

    If your reps are already filling out an opportunity with all the key sales data, they can now create a professional-looking PDF quote in seconds. You have to set up the template(s) for them in advance, but it will guarantee consistency and professionalism across the team. No more reminding people which template to use. Salesforce Quotes can be printed or e-mailed right out of Salesforce and logged as an activity.

  • Share your wins. Everyone is so territorial in Sales. It’s tempting to have a private sharing model and not let your sales reps see what others are working on. At times that may be the best solution, but it’s important to provide a way for your sales reps to find customer references.

    No prospect wants to be the first in his industry to work with you. He wants to be reassured that someone else has already made that decision and saw success. You can use reports, list views, Chatter, and more to make sure that your sales reps have the information they need to answer your prospects’ questions and ensure that the deal moves closer to a win.