Making and Handling Motions Following Robert's Rules

Part of the Robert’s Rules For Dummies Cheat Sheet

In an organization that's following Robert's Rules, when that light bulb goes off in your head and you have a great idea, you make a motion to get your idea discussed and a decision made. Here are the eight steps required from start to finish to make a motion and get the decision of the assembly. Each step is a required part of the process.

Step What to say
1.     The member rises and addresses the chair. “Mr./Madam Chairman.”
2.     The chair recognizes the member. “The chair recognizes Ms. Gliggenschlapp.”
3. The member makes a motion. “I move to purchase a copy of Robert’s Rules For Dummies for our president.”
4.     Another member seconds the motion. “Second.”
5.     The chair states the motion. “It is moved and seconded to purchase a copy of Robert’s Rules For Dummies for your president. Are you ready for the question?”
6. The members debate the motion. “The chair recognizes Ms. Gliggenschlapp to speak to her motion. . . .”
7.     The chair puts the question, and the members vote. “Those in favor of adopting the motion to buy a copy of Robert’s Rules For Dummies for your president, say ‘Aye.’ [pause] Those opposed, say ‘No.’”
8.     The chair announces the result of the vote. “The ayes have it, and the motion carries. A copy of Robert’s Rules For Dummies will be purchased for your president.”
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