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Make a Chart in Word or PowerPoint in Office 2011 for Mac

You can make charts a few ways in Office 2011 for Mac. Starting a chart from Word or PowerPoint is almost the same as starting one in Excel, but not quite. Here are some tips to keep in mind when making a chart in Word 2011 for Mac or PowerPoint 2011 for Mac:

  1. Select your data table.

    If you have data in a Word or PowerPoint table you want to turn into a chart, you must first select the data table.

    • In Word, click anywhere in your table and then choose Table→Select Table.

    • In PowerPoint, click the table's border.

    • If your data is in some other application or on the Web, select the data in the other application or Web browser.

  2. Copy the data.

    Use any copy method: Click the Copy button on the Standard toolbar, press Command-C, or choose Edit→Copy.

  3. Select where the chart is to be placed.

    Click in the Word document or on the PowerPoint slide where you want the chart to be inserted. Optional: In Word, you can click into a frame to contain the chart, and in PowerPoint, you can click into a slide placeholder to contain the chart.

  4. Choose Insert→Chart or go to the Ribbon’s Charts tab, find the Insert Chart group, and choose a chart type.

    Excel opens and displays a sample data set, with cell A1 selected.

  5. Paste your data into cell A1.

    Use any of these paste methods: Click the paste button on the standard toolbar, press Command-V, or choose Edit→Paste.

  6. Close Excel's window by clicking the red close button or by pressing Command-W.

    Your chart is now visible in your Word document or PowerPoint presentation.

You need to know only one more trick, and that’s how to edit the data:

  1. Select the chart by clicking its border.

  2. Choose Edit→Select Data in Excel or right-click and choose Select Data in Excel from the contextual menu.

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