Major Players and Products in Virtualization

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Once you’ve decided on switching to a virtualized environment, where do you go for solutions, support and products? This list represents the major players in virtualization:

  • VMware: The big daddy of the field. Provides hardware emulation virtualization products called VMware Server and ESX Server.

  • Xen: A new open source contender. Provides a paravirtualization solution. Xen comes bundled with most Linux distributions.

  • XenSource: The commercial sponsor of Xen. Provides products that are commercial extensions of Xen focused on Windows virtualization. XenSource was recently acquired by Citrix.

  • OpenVZ: An open source product providing operating system virtualization. Available for both Windows and Linux

  • SWsoft: The commercial sponsor of OpenVZ. Provides commercial version of OpenVZ called Virtuozzo.

  • OpenSolaris: The open source version of Sun’s Solaris operating system provides operating system virtualization and will also provide Xen support in an upcoming release.

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Virtualization For Dummies Cheat Sheet