Major British Political and Social Events Since 1900

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Britain’s political and social scene has changed dramatically over the course of a century, with the result that it’s barely recognisable today. Here are just a few of the important events that have shaped our lives today.

Year Event
1907 Legalisation of trade unions
1908 Introduction of the state pension
1914 Outbreak of world war one
1918 Votes for women over 30
1919 Formation of League of Nations
1924 First Labour government
1928 Women given the vote on same terms as men
1929 Wall Street Crash
1939 Outbreak of world war two
1945 The United Nations is created
1944 Butler Education Act, creating publicly funded system of grammars, comprehensives and technical schools
1948 National Health Service is set up
1957 Suez crisis
1962 Cuban missile crisis
1963 Profumo affair
1967 Abortion is legalised; homosexuality is decriminalised
1969 The voting age is lowered to 18
1973 Britain becomes a member of the European Economic Community (EEC)
1984 Start of the miners’ strike
1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall signals demise of Cold War
1998 Good Friday Agreement
2003 UK and USA invade Iraq
2007 July bombings in London
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