Dashboard: A translucent screen that lays on top of your desktop and houses clever little applications called widgets.

desktop: The whole of your Mac’s computer screen. Also called the Finder.

Discoverable mode: Helps other Bluetooth devices find your Mac.

Dock: The colorful bar on the bottom of the Mac screen. It’s a rough cross between the Windows taskbar and the Start menu.

double-clicking: Left-clicking twice in rapid succession while keeping the cursor in the same location.

dragging: Positioning the cursor on top of a symbol or icon and then holding down the mouse button and rolling the mouse across your desk, which moves the symbol or icon to a new location.

driver : A software program provided by the printer manufacturer that tells Mac OS X how to communicate with your printer.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol; DHCP: A protocol that enables a computer to automatically get connection information for communicating with a network or your ISP.