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Location-based Campaign KPI: Increase in Net Sales

Defining what success looks like in your location-based marketing campaign is key to achieving it. One possible business goal is an increase in net sales. If you think in location-based terms about what would drive an increase in sales, the number of check-ins should come to mind.

If your goal is to increase monthly net sales, create your offers to tightly correlate to the number of check-ins. For example, the richer or more creative the offer, the more likely you are to increase check-ins and foot traffic.

McDonald’s increased its daily check-ins by 33.5 percent during a one-day test of giving out
Credit: Courtesy of McDonald’s
McDonald’s increased its daily check-ins by 33.5 percent during a one-day test of giving out $5–10 gift cards. McDonald’s ran this test in early 2010 when Foursquare had just under one million users.

A second way you can increase net monthly sales is by creating offers that get better as people check in more. Here are a few examples:

  • Increasing the percentage off the price of your merchandise or services as customers check in more.

  • The discount could step up by 5 percent every time someone checks in, all the way up to 25 percent off, and then requires regular check-ins to maintain that percentage.

  • The offer could improve with steady check-ins over time, such as number of check-ins per month,

  • You could even incorporate cross-venue check-ins, such as an offer of unlimited free drinks for a year, to the participants who check into all eight locations of a particular restaurant chain.

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