The same neuroscience that applies to your brain and leadership is critical for the way you lead your employees. You can feed employees’ brains and help them grow by

  • Training them offsite, onsite, and on the job. Education never stops, and the brain thrives on it.

  • Conducting personal meetings and letting employees know that you value their contributions. When employees know where they stand, they are secure and thereby more productive.

  • Keeping stress levels low by offering coaching or mentoring programs. High stress interferes with the brain’s functions.

  • Celebrating successes, no matter how small. Celebrations help teams bond, and humans are social animals.

  • Continually making connections between employee work and the company’s goals. Help their brains make pathways to work more efficiently.

  • Allowing them time for exercise, rest, and family time. Without breaks, the brain can’t work at its best.