With many CFD providers, you can deal across a number of markets from the same platform. Before entering the different markets available, though, you need to learn about market opening and closing hours, currency impacts and the specifics of the underlying products that you are trading. Check with your provider for the details of the CFDs that they offer and the times at which they are available to trade. Basic points to remember include

  • CFDs are prices based on the value of an underlying market. This means that you need to know the conditions under which this market operates. For instance, if you wish to trade share CFDs in Canada you will need to know when the underlying share market is open because that will dictate when you can trade the CFDs too.

  • Foreign exchange trades 24 hours a day between Monday morning (Asian time) to Friday evening (U.S. time).

  • Many commodities and indices trade very long sessions but may close periodically over the course of 24 hours.