Know Your Body Type to Start Losing Belly Fat

After-pregnancy body types can lose the excess belly fat.

If you just had a new baby and are stressing over your bulging stomach, take heart. It can take time after delivery for your belly to go back to normal. Remember that not only is normal weight gain associated with pregnancy, but stomach muscles have been stretched and expanded for nine months.

If you just gave birth and are breastfeeding, don’t reduce your food intake too much or lose weight too quickly. Doing so can reduce your milk production for your baby. Allow yourself time to establish a breastfeeding schedule with your baby before implementing a weight loss routine. Make sure to consult your physician before making changes to your diet while breastfeeding.

If you just had a baby but aren’t breastfeeding, you can aim for a faster rate of weight loss, but you must have realistic expectations. A new baby brings along multiple challenges, such as lack of sleep, decreased meal planning, and even stress-related eating.

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