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Kindle Keyboard Shortcuts

Part of the Kindle 3 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The Kindle is a cinch to use, and the buttons are very intuitive. Even so, a few shortcuts make using a Kindle even more convenient and can further enhance your reading experience.

Keyboard Shortcut What It Does
Alt+Q Types 1
Alt+W Types 2
Alt+E Types 3
Alt+R Types 4
Alt+T Types 5
Alt+Y Types 6
Alt+U Types 7
Alt+I Types 8
Alt+O Types 9
Alt+P Types 0
Alt+B Sets or removes a bookmark
Alt+Home Goes to the Kindle Store
Menu button Displays the time and available memory
Right on the 5-Way Controller Moves to next chapter (when you are within a book). On the Home screen, pressing the right arrow on the 5-Way Controller brings you to the information screen about the book, blog, or other content that you are viewing.
Shift+Sym Turns on Text-to-Speech
Spacebar Pauses Text-to-Speech
Back button Turns off Text-to-Speech
Alt+spacebar Plays or stops MP3s
Alt+F Skips to the next MP3
Alt+G Refreshes the screen
Shift+Alt+M Plays Minesweeper
Shift+Alt+G Takes a screenshot of the current screen
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Kindle 3 For Dummies Cheat Sheet


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