If you’re using ACT! as your contact relationship manager software, you know that ACT! does its best to streamline every process. One way ACT! boosts your efficiency is by offering a whole host of keyboard shortcuts you can use to make your time even more productive. The following table lists common activities and the keys you press to access them:

Activity Press This
Add a sales opportunity Ctrl+F11
Attach a file Ctrl+I
Clear an activity Ctrl+D
Close a menu or dialog box Esc
Copy the selected text Ctrl+C
Cut the selected text Ctrl+X
Delete a contact, group, company, or lookup Ctrl+Delete
Display the Timer Shift+F4
Exit ACT! Alt+F4
Insert note F9
New contact, group, or company Insert
Paste the last cut or copied text Ctrl+V
Print address books, calendars, reports, labels, or envelopes Ctrl+P
Record history Ctrl+H
Refresh Ctrl+F5
Schedule call Ctrl+L
Schedule meeting Ctrl+M
Schedule to-do Ctrl+T
Toggle Edit Mode, contact, group, or company list Ctrl+E
Undo Ctrl+Z
Help F1
View Company List Alt+F10
View Contact List F8
View Contact Detail window F11
View Group List F10
View Monthly Calendar F5
View Task List F7
View Work Week User Roles Shift+F3