Key Executions of the Tudor Period

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The Tudors carried out more political executions than you'll find listed here, but these deaths represent significant markers in the development of the respective monarch’s sense of identity. The message? Don’t mess with the Tudors!

  • 1499: Earl of Warwick and Perkin Warbeck

  • 1510: Edmund Dudley and Sir Richard Empson

  • 1521: Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham

  • 1535: John Fisher and Sir Thomas More

  • 1536: Anne Boleyn

  • 1538: Cardinal Pole’s family

  • 1540: Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex

  • 1542: Catherine Howard

  • 1552: Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset

  • 1553: John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland

  • 1554: Jane Grey

  • 1556: Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury

  • 1581: Edmund Campion, Jesuit missionary

  • 1587: Mary Queen of Scots

  • 1601: Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex

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