When you use iWork for iOS, you don't have a menu bar, but you do have a touch screen with basic multitouch commands – gestures as they're called. Most of these iWork gestures apply to other iOS apps as well as the iWork apps.

Select an object and show selection buttons Tap
Select multiple objects (charts, tables, graphics) Tap and hold the first object. While still holding the first object, tap any others you want to add to the selection.
Constrain drag to horizontal, vertical of 45 degrees Tap the object to select it and start to move it. While still holding your finger on it, tap anywhere else on the screen and the movement will be constrained to horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
Rotate an object Using two fingers, tap and rotate the object.
Move insertion point in a Pages document. Tap and hold in the text to place the insertion point. Swipe right or left with one finger to move one character right or left. Swipe with two fingers to move to beginning or end of the word. Swipe with three fingers to move to beginning or end of the line.
Select a paragraph in Pages Two-finger tap