Walking while holding weight overhead, especially two weights — two heavy weights — is an immense challenge. Everything in the body must be working together to make this happen. The core needs to be engaged, the shoulders need to be alert, and the legs need to be limber. All muscles are put to work in this movement.

Don’t even think about trying this movement until you feel super confident with the regular waiter’s carry. Supporting weight overhead yields a high return, but don’t assume any more risk with this movement than necessary. Take your time and gain stability through the one-arm version first.

Here’s how to do the two-arm waiter’s carry:


Clean two weights up to the rack position, press them overhead, and hold.

Make sure all your body parts are neatly stacked. Make sure you aren’t overarching your back or flaring out your rib cage; squeeze the abs and keep everything in proper alignment.


When you feel ready, begin to slowly walk around in small steps.

Always err on the side of caution with overhead holds. Push yourself to a comfortable challenge but never into too much fatigue. Never let form deteriorate.