Important Info about Your Laptop

Part of the Laptops For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Be prepared for emergencies with your laptop. Print this page, fill in the blanks, and keep this information near your laptop for those dire moments when things go wrong.

My dealer:    

Dealer's number:    

Dealer's e-mail:    

Tech support phone line:    

Tech support e-mail:    

ISP name:    

ISP tech support line:    

ISP's web page:    

ISP e-mail:    

ISP's domain name:    

ISP's e-mail POP3 server name:    

ISP's e-mail SMTP name:    

My Internet login name:    

(Save Internet password elsewhere.)

My e-mail address:    

(Save e-mail password elsewhere.)

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Laptops For Dummies Cheat Sheet