The following timeline highlights historical events and people that shaped the Templar Order, established the Templars' place in history, and eventually led to its dissolution:

1000 b.c. King Solomon's Temple built on Temple Mount in Jerusalem.
a.d. 638 Muslims conquer the Holy Land.
1095 Pope Urban II calls for the First Crusade.
1099 Jerusalem taken from Muslims. Priory of Sion allegedly founded.
1119 Founding of the Templars by Hughes de Payens.
1129 The Templar Rule is adopted at the Council of Troyes.
1139 Pope Innocent II exempts the Templars from all but papal authority.
1146 Second Crusade begins.
1187 The Battle of Hattin: Saladin and the Muslim army retake Jerusalem, killing 200 Templars.
1191 Third Crusade captures the port of Acre, becomes new Templar headquarters.
1192 Richard the Lionheart and Saladin agree to open Jerusalem to Christian pilgrims.
1202–1204 Constantinople sacked. Christian relics fall into hands of the Templars.
1291 Acre, the last Crusader state in the Holy Land, falls to the Muslims. Templars move to Cyprus.
1293 Jacques de Molay becomes Grand Master of the Templars.
1307 Templars arrested by Phillip IV (le Bel or "the Fair") in France on Friday, October 13.
1308 Edward II, under pressure from the pope, arrests all Templars in England.
1310 54 Knights Templar burned at the stake in France to compel remaining Templars to confess.
1312 Templar Order dissolved by the Council of Vienne, transferring property to the Knights Hospitaller.
1314 Jacques de Molay and Geoffroy de Charney burned at the stake in Paris. Templars alleged to assist Robert the Bruce of Scotland at the Battle of Bannockburn. Phillip the Fair dies in a hunting accident. Pope Clement V dies.
1319 Order of Christ founded in Portugal by King Dinis as a new home for the Templars.
1446 Rosslyn Chapel construction begins in Roslin, Scotland.