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iLife ’11: Finding Pictures by Map Location in iPhoto

5 of 8 in Series: The Essentials of Searching for Photos in iPhoto '11

iPhoto puts your pictures on a Google-powered map so that you can find all pictures related to a specific location, such as your home, school, or work, and all your vacation spots. Many digital cameras and mobile devices with cameras, such as the iPhone, include support for the global positioning system (GPS), which uses satellites to track your physical location.

If you don’t have a GPS-equipped camera or iPhone, you’re not lost in the wilderness; you can add location information to one or more pictures in iPhoto and they show up on the map, just like GPS-stamped pictures do.

Ready to explore? Click Places in the Source pane to browse pictures by location. A map appears with markers for your pictures.

  • Switch between Terrain, Satellite, and Hybrid views: Just as you can in Google Maps, you can click Terrain in the upper right corner to view the terrain, click Satellite to view a satellite image, or click Hybrid to view a hybrid of both.

  • View the pictures at a location: Move the pointer over the location marker, and then click the right arrow in the marker’s heading to see the pictures for that location (displayed as thumbnails). You can then select thumbnails to perform an operation or double-click a thumbnail to see the full picture. Click Map in the upper left corner to return to the map.

    Browse by Places to see locations with pictures.
    Browse by Places to see locations with pictures.
  • *Zoom in and out of the map: To zoom into the map for more detail, or zoom out to see more of the world, drag the Zoom slider in the lower left corner of the Viewer pane. Sliding to the right (+) increases detail as you zoom in, and sliding to the left (–) reduces detail as you zoom out.

  • Pick locations from a menu: Use the menus to find a specific location. For example, click the Cities menu to go directly to a city. The map shows the area of the city where pictures were taken. You can then use the Places menu to pick a place within the city.

    Pick places in the viewable area of the map.
    Pick places in the viewable area of the map.
  • Show photos: Show thumbnails for all pictures in the section of the map visible in the Viewer pane — click the Show Photos button in the lower right corner of the Viewer pane. The thumbnails appear; above them are both the number of places you’re viewing and number of photos in all these places.

    View the pictures at these places.
    View the pictures at these places.
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