How Your Body Language Affects other People's Perceptions of You

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The way that you move and gesture plays a huge part in the way you are perceived by others and the impression you leave. Remember these telltale signs when positioning yourself and interpreting the positioning of others:

  • An upright posture demonstrates confidence.

  • Hunched over shoulders indicate insecurity.

  • Arms crossed over the chest sets up a barrier.

  • Precise gestures reflect precise thinking.

  • Open palms indicate an open attitude.

  • Feet point towards where you want to go.

  • Heads nodding means agreement and is a way of keeping the speaker talking.

  • Head tilted shows submissiveness.

  • Index finger to mouth, chin resting on thumb, elbow resting on the other arm crossed in front of the body is an evaluation gesture.

  • Hands on hips show readiness for action.

  • Legs draped over a chair arm demonstrates informality or indifference.

  • Hands held behind the head with elbows pointed outward is a dominance display.

  • Leaning forward with both hands on the knees or gripping the arms of the chair indicates wanting to get up and go.

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