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In Apple iTunes, everybody can be a music critic, so feel free to contribute your own reviews of songs or albums. In fact, on iTunes, you can go a lot further than being a critic. You can compile a list of songs for people with similar tastes. Throughout the Music Store, you’ll see top-rated iMixes, which are playlists created by ordinary music fans like you.


In the source list, click the little arrow to the right of a selected playlist.

If no arrow appears, select the Show Links to Music Store option, which is on the General tab in iTunes Preferences.


Click Create iMix. Enter a title and a description and then click Publish.

You might use a title such as Ed’s Sappy Love Songs and a description such as Great sentimental music to share with a bottle of a wine and a special friend. Apple won’t let you use profanity.


Click Tell a Friend to spread the word.

Although your playlist can include tracks you’ve ripped from a CD, only tunes sold in the iTunes Store will appear in your iMix. Apple makes the iMix available for one year from its publish date.

You can rate other people’s iMixes on a scale of one to five stars. Accordingly, they get to rate your compilations. If enough of them grade you favorably, your iMix may also be featured on the album pages of featured artists.

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