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How to Wrap a Gift

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Clear out a large, hard work surface — table-height is easiest on your back — and gather your materials.

You'll need scissors, wrapping paper, ribbon, premade bows, transparent tape and tape dispenser, gift tags, pencil, and pen.

Tip: Use wrapping paper that comes on a roll instead of folded paper; the creases from the folds can mar the look of the finished wrapping. Sometimes, wrapping paper will have gridlines printed on the back, ensuring straight cuts all the time.

An office-type tape dispenser is best because you need only one hand to cut off a piece of tape. Or, cut pieces of tape and stick one end on the edge of the table; pull off as needed. Use "invisible" tape, which has a matte finish; shiny tape is distracting, especially on small packages. If you don't want tape to show at all (for a really beautiful wrapping job), use double-faced tape.

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