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Click the Automatic Budget button in the Create a New Budget dialog box if you want Quicken to create a starting budget using any existing financial data.

Quicken looks through your transactions for the selected time period (month, quarter, or year) and creates a budget for the five largest spending categories using your historical averages. (This rough-hewn approach, obviously, doesn’t work unless you’ve already been using Quicken and so have some existing financial data.)

When Quicken finishes with these tasks, it suggests and displays budgeted amounts in the Budgets window for your five biggest spending categories.

To change an automatically budgeted amount, click the budget value you want to change. Quicken then opens a text box for the value and also adds little buttons you can use to fiddle with the budgeted amount.

The little buttons that appear in the Budgets window for a selected line item let you do stuff with that line item’s budgeted amount.

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