It’s possible to show one document in two windows. This Word 2007 feature is useful for cutting and pasting text or graphics between sections of the same document, especially when you have a very long document. It's also easier to have two windows into the same document than to hop back and forth and potentially lose your place.


Click the View tab to get to the New Window button.


Click the New Window button.

This doesn’t create a new document; instead, it opens a second view into the current document. You can confirm this by noting that both windows have the same document name in their titles — the first window suffixed with :1 and the second with :2.

The changes you make in one window are updated in the second. Consider this trick like watching the same television show, but with two different cameras and TV sets.


Close a window when you’re done with it.

You can close either window :1 or :2; it doesn't matter. Closing the second window merely removes that view. The document is still open and available for editing in the other window.