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From Mozilla, the makers of the Firefox web browser, the Thunderbird Internet e-mail program is easy to use and free. The following outlines Thunderbird's main features:

  • Thunderbird is available for free from

  • Set up an e-mail account: Choose Tools→Account Settings.

  • Set your e-mail preferences: Choose Tools→Options.

  • Compose a new message: Press Ctrl+N or click the Write button.

  • Attach a file: Click the Attach button or choose File→Attach.

  • Check spelling before sending messages: Choose Tools→Options, click the Composition category, and select Check Spelling Before Sending.

  • Send and receive messages: Press Ctrl+Shift+T or choose File→Get New Messages For→Get All New Messages.

  • Delete the current message: Press Delete or click the Delete button.

  • Reply to the current message: Press Ctrl+R or click the Reply button.

  • Forward the current message: Press Ctrl+L or click the Forward button.

  • Display your Address Book: Press Ctrl+Shift+B or click the Address Book button.

  • Create a new mail folder: Choose File→New→New Folder, type a name, and set the Create As a Subfolder Of box to the folder name in which you want the new folder to live. Or right-click the folder in which you want to make a subfolder and choose New Subfolder.

  • Configure junk mail filtering: Choose Tools→Junk Mail Controls.

  • Create mail filters: Choose Tools→Message Filters from the menu to display the Message Filters window, where you can see, create, edit, and delete filters.

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