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Networks on Ning give you the option to play music and audio podcasts by using the Music Player. All the music and audio podcasts in the Ning Music Player are part of a playlist. The playlist determines the order in which the tracks are listed for playback.

The Music Player lets you listen to the tracks on its playlist in a number of places in your network:

  • To listen to a specific track, click that track and click the Play button directly on the Music Player in the main page of the network.

  • Open a pop-up window by clicking the Open Popup Window button in the Music Player in the main page. Playing tracks from within the pop-up window allows you to continue navigating the network.


The Ning Music Player also gives you a variety of other options:

  • Embed the Music Player on another Web site. To obtain the HTML embed code for the Music Player, click its top-right corner. Copy the code and paste it within the HTML code for your Web site, and give your Web site visitors the chance to also enjoy your network’s Music Player.

  • Download the tracks on your network. Depending on how the network has been set up by the Network Creator, you may or may not be able to download the tracks that have been uploaded. If your network doesn't allow downloading, you still can stream the tracks just fine; you just can’t copy them into your hard drive.

  • Rate the tracks. As soon as you begin playing a track, the top portion of the Music Player gives you the option to rate the track by clicking the number of stars you want to give it.

  • Add a track to your profile page. Click the Add to My Page link directly below the playback information on the Music Player to add the track to the My Music box on your profile page, effectively adding the track to your own playlist.

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