How to Use the NaturallySpeaking Microphone: "Is This Thing On?"

It can be amusing when you realize that your Dragon NaturallySpeaking microphone has been on the entire time you took your last phone call. The words you dictated won't look anything like what you said. There are pauses; you looked away and probably had the microphone pushed down below your chin. Quickly delete your dictation and put it out of your mind after you stop laughing.

Or conversely, you realize the microphone was off during your dictation session. You know it's your fault, but you would love to blame your Dragon assistant. Be fair.

Train yourself to think about the microphone position when you start and when you stop dictating. Click the microphone up for on (green) and down for off (red). If you see it in snooze position (it shows ZZZs), consider yourself lucky that you can either wake it up or send it back to sleep without missing a long bit of dictation.

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