Text on the background of a PowerPoint slide can be very cool, especially if you slant the words or turn them on their side. You need a text box on the PowerPoint slide so create one by clicking the Insert tab. Then click the Text box button and choose the orientation. Place you pointer on the slide and click and drag to draw your text box. With your text box in place, follow these steps to place text in the background of a slide:


Enter the text in your text box.

Top Secret makes a clever text background.


Select the text in the text box.

To select the text, drag over it.


On the Home tab open the Font Color drop-down list

Choose a light color suitable for the background of slides.


Select the text box.

Click to select the text box.


Click the Home tab.

The Home tab is located on the Ribbon.


Click the Send to Back button.

You may have to click the Arrange button first, depending on the size of your screen.

Clicking this button places the text box behind other text or artwork that you place on the slide.

To make a text appear in the background of all or some of the slides in a presentation, place the text on a master slide.