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How to Use Statistics Commands on the TI-84 Plus Home Screen

The Home screen on the TI-84 Plus calculator offers a few statistics commands with which you might want to familiarize yourself. To access the Stat List MATH menu, as shown in the first screen , press


For example, you can quickly calculate the mean of a short list of numbers. On a Home screen, press


to insert the mean( command. Press [2nd][(] and enter a list of numbers separated by commas, or press [2nd][1] to insert list L1. See the second screen shown here.


You can use the 1-Var Stats Wizard


to calculate the min, max, Q1, Q3, median, mean, and standard deviation of a data list.

If you are taking a statistics course, check out the Stat TESTS menu by pressing


as shown in the third screen.

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