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How to Use Stationery in Windows Mail

Creating and using stationery in Windows Mail can make your e-mails stand out from the rest. You can use e-mail stationery to reflect your personality or to give your e-mail message a more polished, professional appearance.

  1. Click the arrow on the Create Mail button in the Windows Mail main window.

  2. Select a stationery option listed in the menu that appears or choose the Select Stationery command to get more choices.

  3. In the Select Stationery dialog box that appears, select a stationery style from the list.

  4. Click OK to apply the stationery to the new message.

With a new, reply, or forwarded message open, you can apply stationery using either of these methods:

Stationery applied to an e-mail message.
Stationery applied to an e-mail message.
  • Choose Format→Apply Stationery and then click a stationery to apply.

  • Choose More Stationery to access the Select Stationery dialog box.

You can also create an interesting background for your stationery by inserting a picture. With the e-mail form open, choose Insert→Picture. Locate a picture in the Picture window that appears and click Open. The picture fills the background of the e-mail message area.

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