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Make a selection.

After right- or Ctrl/Option+clicking the selection, the Smart Trim options, pop up on the screen. Select the one you need for the clip or just click the striped part and delete.

The Smart Trim Options button appears on the upper-right corner of the interface. Here are brief descriptions of these options:

Trim: Trims the selected trimable section

Keep: Retains the selected trimable section

Select All: Selects all the trimable sections in the current selection

Smart Trim Options: Provides the same access as clicking the button

Other things you should know:

Smart Trim is not perfect. It often designates parts of the clip that are technically acceptable for removal. For example, panning the camera and movie subjects can confuse it.

You cannot use Interest as the only factor. Interest and Quality factors work together. Trim sections get shorter when you move the slider from right to left. A clip that is low in Quality or Interest gets trimmed. A clip that is high in Quality or Interest doesn’t get trimmed.

You can also trim clips using the Delete key. Just select the clip and press Delete.

Undo the previous trim action. Right-click or Ctrl+click the clip and select Undo Smart Trim.

Exit the Smart Trim mode. Click the Done button.

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