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How to Use to Shorten URLs and Generate QR Codes

The service from Google generates a trackable, shortened URL and a QR Code all at one site. Follow these steps to use to generate QR codes:

  1. Type or paste your URL in the text box and click Shorten.

    You see your URL in the first row of a table below the text box.

  2. To the right of the screen, click the Details link for your URL.

    A QR Code is automatically created.

  3. Save the image.

    On a Mac, you can Alt-click the QR Code to copy or save it. On a PC, right-click the QR Code to copy or save it.

    This generator includes free analytics that report scans, country, device, and browser.

The downside of is that you can use it for URLs only. The good news is that it’s free and includes analytics. Acknowledging that most QR Codes link to a URL, is a good option.

If you use Google Chrome for a web browser, you can download an extension in the Chrome web Store that allows you to shorten the current website URL with With one click you get a shortened URL, a QR Code, and access to analytics.

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