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How to Use Facebook on Your Android Tablet

The first time you behold the Facebook app on your Android tablet, you’ll probably be asked to sign in. Do so: Type the e-mail address you used to sign up for Facebook and then type your Facebook password. Touch the Log In button or the onscreen keyboard's Done key.

Eventually, you see the Facebook news feed.


To set Facebook aside, touch the Home icon to return to the Home screen. The Facebook app continues to run until you either sign out of the app or turn off your Android tablet. To sign out of the Facebook app, touch the Menu icon (at the bottom-right of the screen) and choose the Logout command.

  • You can add a Facebook widget to your tablet’s home screen. The Facebook widget displays recent status updates and allows you to share your thoughts directly from the Home screen.

  • The news feed can be updated by swiping down the screen.

  • The Facebook app generates notifications for new news items, mentions, chat, and so on. Look for them on the status bar along with the tablet’s other notifications.

How to set your Facebook status from your Android tablet

The primary thing you live for on Facebook, besides having more friends than anyone else, is to update your status. It’s the best way to share your thoughts with the universe, far cheaper than skywriting and far less offensive than a robocall.

To set your status, follow these steps in the Facebook app:

  1. Touch the Status button at the top of the screen.

    You see the Update Status screen, where you can type your musings.

  2. Type something pithy, newsworthy, or typical of the stuff you read on Facebook.

  3. Touch the Post button.

You can set your status also by using the Facebook widget on the home page, if it’s been installed: Touch the text box, type your important news tidbit, and touch the Share button.

How to configure the Android tablet Facebook app

The commands that control Facebook are stored on the Settings screen, which you access while viewing the main Facebook screen: Touch the Menu icon and choose the Settings command.

Choose Refresh Interval to specify how often the Android tablet checks for Facebook updates. If you find the one-hour value too long for your active Facebook social life, choose something quicker. To disable Facebook notifications, choose Never.

The following two options determine how your tablet reacts to Facebook updates:

Vibrate: Vibrates the tablet
Notification Ringtone: Plays a specific ringtone

For the notification ringtone, choose the Silent option when you want the tablet not to make noise upon encountering a Facebook update.

Touch the Back icon to close the Settings screen and return to the main Facebook screen.

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