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How to Use eBay's Photo Uploader

When you list items for auction on eBay, you want to get those snappy images at the top of your eBay listing page. To include photos, you're going to have to use eBay's Photo Uploader. You can upload images directly from your computer, or you can indicate the web address where your image is stored and it will show up in the space. To clearly illustrate your listing, you should add other photos within your description by using web-hosted pictures.

You can use eBay's photo uploader to host your top-of-listing photos for eBay. For best results, the image you upload should be around 1024 pixels on the long side (no smaller than 1000 pixels). Then eBay reformats your photo to fit in the layout at the top of the page and then compresses the file for quick viewing. This process can destroy the quality of your carefully photographed images if you haven't saved them in a compatible size. You're running a business, so be businesslike and use the method that presents your photos in their best light.

When you get to the Create Your Listing page, you'll get to the point where it's time to upload the photo(s) that you want to appear at the top of the page. When you click the Add or Remove options, a box with your options will appear:

  • Show option for copying picture files to eBay from a web server: If you already have the images on an existing web page, this option allows you to upload your pictures from a website instead of from your hard drive. When you click to add pictures, you will be asked for the URL of pictures to copy from your site's web server.

  • Host pictures on your server instead of eBay servers: If you have your images stored with an image-hosting service, or if you keep your merchandise photos in a directory on your website, this is the option to use. eBay will link to your web server instead of copying the image to the item page. If you decide to use your own photos at the top of the listing, eBay recommends that each one have a total file size of under 75 KB and measure at least 600 pixels on its longest side.

  • Enable watermarking with my eBay user ID: Enabling this feature will watermark your photos with your eBay ID.

  • Enable watermarking with the eBay camera icon: Rather than watermarking with your user ID, this option puts a small camera icon in the corner of the image.

When you've got the options set, click the square to add pictures; a window will open.


With this basic version, you can upload eBay-ready images as they appear on your computer. Click the Browse button to find pictures stored on your hard drive or media card.

To upload your pictures, after clicking Add Pictures on the Create Your Listing page, you get a new Standard Uploader window.


If you want to rotate or crop the picture, click the Standard Uploader link to access this more advanced tool.

Follow these steps to upload your pictures to eBay:

  1. Click Browse.

    A browsing window appears.

  2. Locate the directory that holds your eBay images on your computer.

  3. Click the image (or multiple images) in the browsing window.

    The image name (or names) appear in the Filename box.

  4. Click the Open box.

    The selected image appears in the picture frame on the eBay uploader

  5. To rotate the image, click the circular arrow (at the upper-left of the main image box).

  6. Click the crop box in the right corner of the larger image.

    Two squares appear at opposite corners of your main image.

  7. Click the frame on the outside of your image, and move the bar until the offensive area is cropped out.

    You can do this from all sides of the picture.

  8. Click Save.

    The image appears on the Create Your Listing page.

Unless you have an eBay Store, eBay charges for any photos you upload after the first one. Each additional picture costs you 15 cents, so inserting photos into your description will save you precious cents and increase your bottom line.

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