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Many companies connect with their customers in video marketing by showing them how to use their products effectively. A video may be useful for this purpose when text or pictures alone cannot adequately help viewers understand how to use a product.

Demonstration videos work best when they’re short and to the point. Complicated demonstrations can be broken up into several shorter videos so that viewers can absorb one or two concepts at a time and easily search for problem areas.

Event videos are used to record and summarize events and gatherings. Marketing videos from events usually include clips of speakers and activities. The goal of most event videos is to remind attendees of the value they received from attending. Event videos can also attract new prospects to the next related event on the schedule.

The challenge in creating event videos is to make them interesting and to connect with the emotion of the event. Often, event videos that simply play music accompanied by brief clips of meaningless images do little to make viewers respond.

Whenever possible, coordinate the theme of a video in a creative way to correspond with activities in the event. For example, hold a contest for attendees where the prize can be won only by those who watch and identify an element in the video that you send out two weeks after the event.

This approach motivates people to anticipate receiving the video and look beyond the material to the key message associated with the item you want them to find. Ideally, viewers think about the event, and the benefits they derived from it, long after it has occurred.

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