You use Bluetooth, a wireless protocol for communication between two or more gadgets, on your Droid X by using one of those wireless earphones you see stuck on people's heads. You must turn on your Droid's Bluetooth networking before you can use one of those Borg-earpiece implants and join the ranks of the walking nerds.


Touch the Launcher button on the Home screen.

The Applications Tray opens.


Choose Settings→Wireless & Networks→Bluetooth and turn on Bluetooth.

If a little green check mark already appears by the Bluetooth option, Bluetooth is already on. If it isn't, touch it to put a check mark there. When Bluetooth is on, the Bluetooth status icon appears.


Turn on the Bluetooth headset.

The headset should include instructions that explain how to turn it on.


From the Droid Applications Tray, choose Settings→Wireless & Networks→Bluetooth Settings.

Ensure that a check mark appears by Discoverable.


Choose Scan for Devices.

If necessary, press the main button on the Bluetooth gizmo. (The main button is the one you use to answer the phone.) Eventually, the device should appear on the screen.


Choose the device and, if necessary, input the device's passcode.

It's usually a four-digit number, and quite often it's simply 1234. And now, the device is connected.


Stick the headset in your ear and press its main answer button when the phone rings.

When a Bluetooth device is on and paired with the phone, the notification light (on the front of the Droid X) flashes blue for an incoming call.


If you tire of using the Bluetooth headset, touch the Bluetooth button on the touchscreen to use the Droid X speaker and microphone.

You can turn the Bluetooth earphone on or off after it's been paired. As long as Bluetooth is on, the Droid X instantly recognizes the earphone when you turn it on.

Activating Bluetooth on the Droid X can quickly drain the battery. Be mindful to use Bluetooth only when necessary, and remember to turn it off when you're done. Also, don't forget to turn off the earpiece when you're done with it. The earpiece has a battery, and it continues to drain when you forget to turn the thing off.