How to Turn on Change Tracking in Excel 2013 Workbooks

Select the Track Changes While Editing check box.

Doing this turns on change tracking and automatically turns on file sharing for the workbook.

By default, Excel selects the When combo box and chooses the All option from its drop-down menu to have all changes made to the workbook tracked. To track the changes only from the time you last saved the workbook, choose the Since I Last Saved item from the When drop-down menu.

To track all changes that you’ve not yet reviewed (and decided whether to accept), you choose the Not Yet Reviewed item from the When drop-down menu. (Most often, you want this option so that you can use the Accept/Reject Changes option on the Track Changes command button’s drop-down menu to review each person’s changes and decide whether to keep them.)

To track changes from a particular date, choose Since Date from the When drop-down menu: Excel then inserts the current date into the When combo box, which you can then edit, if necessary.

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