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You can use your iPhone to give yourself workout goals and track your progress. The Nike+ app for the iPhone can help you meet your fitness goals. Apple has teamed with the folks at Nike on a wireless sports kit that lets runners place a sensor inside a Nike sneaker that can wirelessly communicate with an iPhone 3GS or 4 (but not earlier iPhone models).

As runners dash off, they can track time, distance, and calories burned, receive vocal feedback, and upload results to a Nike Web site. Runners can even play a select “power song” for that last push when they’re feeling exhausted.

By using Nike+ on your iPhone, you can select one of these workout routines:

  • Basic: This option basically just lets you choose a playlist to listen to while you run.

  • Time: Lets you choose the length of your workout.

  • Distance: If you're running or jogging, Nike+ lets you know when you've reached your distance goal.

  • Calorie: Counting calories? This option lets you know when you've burned off an approximate number of calories.

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