Writers and editors can collaborate behind the scenes in Word 2007 with the Track Changes feature. You can track who added what to or who deleted what from a document, and when. Each reviewer is assigned a different color to indicate his work, and you can hover the mouse over an edit to see the author and date made.

Some people prefer to not see all the colors of tracked edits in Word 2007. These are easy to hide and still track changes.

Here’s how to enable Track Changes in Word 2007.


On the Review tab of the Ribbon, open the Tracking group.

Enable Track Changes here.


Click the Track Changes button.

Now, after you type text, the addition shows up in a color assigned to you.


Change views (from the View tab, Document Views group) to set how you want to view changes in the document.


Check out tracked changes in Print Layout view (top) and Draft view (bottom).

Full Screen Reading, Web Layout, and Outline are the other view choices in Word 2007.


To hide tracked changes in Word 2007, open the Tracking group on the Review tab of the Ribbon. Then Open the Display for Review menu, located at the top right.

Hide tracked changes from here.


From the drop-down menu, choose Final.

Changes are still tracked, but you don’t see them in the document.

To turn off Track Changes, simply click the Track Changes button again.