Portraits are posed photos that you take in a controlled environment. Creating portraits with your digital camera demands some special skills, but portrait techniques aren’t difficult to master. Take care of these simple aspects of digital photography portraits:


Make it possible for your subjects to look their best.

A portrait subject who feels confident about his or her appearance will photograph well!


Get to know your subject’s personality.

Be careful about trying to make a somber, serious individual look cheerful and whimsical; the picture can look forced and fake, like in this figure. Use what you know about the subject to create a portrait that reflects his or her personality.


Provide comfortable surroundings to help people stay relaxed.

A clean, organized shooting area, such as the one in this figure, puts your subjects at ease. If your subject doesn’t feel like he or she is standing in front of a firing squad, your photos turn out much better.

Successful portraiture begins with getting your subjects into the right frame of mind. Relaxed, confident people pose better than nervous, tense ones, so make every effort to start things off right if you want to get a great-looking portrait.