Your iPod touch is set by default to sync all the apps in your iTunes library that can run on an iPod touch (including just about all iPhone apps). iTunes automatically skips any app that doesn’t belong on the device (such as an iPad app) and displays a warning about any other app it skips for other reasons (such as not having a proper authorization code).

It is easiest to let iTunes do its thing and sync all the apps that belong on the device. However, you can selectively choose apps to synchronize. Follow these steps:


Connect your iPod touch to your computer and click the iPod button.


Click the Apps tab.

The Apps sync options page appears. By default, all apps that work on the iPod touch are automatically synced.


From the list box on the left, click the Install or Remove button for each app that you want to install or remove from the iPod touch.

You can scroll the list box to see all your apps — and you can click the Sort button at the top to toggle sorting the list by Name, Kind, Category, Date, or Size. For example, the illustration shows switching from Sort by Kind to Sort by Category.