If you need more than one program open at a time, you can quickly switch between those running applications in Windows XP. The keystroke of genius presented here enables you to quickly and efficiently cycle through programs you have running in Windows XP, making the quick switch between running applications just a couple of keystrokes away.


Open two or more programs.

The last program that you open is the active program.


Press and hold Alt+Tab.

This will open a small box, revealing all opened programs.


Release the Tab key but keep Alt pressed down.

If you release the Alt key, just press and hold Alt+Tab again, and try this step again, remembering to keep that Alt key pressed down.


Press Tab.

Each time you press Tab while keeping Alt pressed down, you cycle through the icons representing open programs.


Release the Alt key.

Windows XP switches to whichever program is selected.

To switch back to the last program that was active, simply press Alt+Tab, and that program becomes the active program once again.