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How to Start the Report Wizard in Access 2013

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Give your report a name.

Type a name in the long box at the top of the dialog box. At this point, you also need to decide how to finish things up — with a Preview of the report, or by leaping right into Design view to make more changes to your report’s appearance and content. For now, choose to Preview the Report, which is the default.

When you click Finish, the report appears in a Preview window, at which point, you can print it or save it for future use. (Press Ctrl+S, or click the Save button and give the report a name, when prompted, to take care of the saving business.)

After you’ve saved it — or if you have no need to save it or continue viewing it — you can close it by right-clicking the report’s tab and choosing Close from the pop-up menu. If you make additional changes and haven’t chosen to save, you’ll be asked if you want to close without saving.

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