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With the Probability Simulation application that comes preloaded on the TI-84 Plus family of calculators, you can simulate many common activities, like rolling dice. As the application performs simulations, it collects the data associated with these simulations and displays it in a graph or table. It can even save the data for you so that you can perform a statistical analysis of the data at a later time.

To start the Probability Simulation application, press [APPS][ALPHA][8], use


to move the cursor to the Prob Sim application, and press [ENTER] to select the application and display the logo screen. Press any key to start the Probability Simulation application and display the Main menu screen.


You quit the Probability Simulation application by using the QUIT command at the bottom of the Main menu. If you are not in the Main menu, repeatedly press [Y=] until this menu appears. Then press [GRAPH] to exit the application. When asked if you really want to quit, press [Y=] to select the YES option.

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