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With the BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is available as a component of the BlackBerry Bridge; when you wirelessly connect your tablet to a BlackBerry smartphone, you can send and receive instant messages from the PlayBook. To start a BBM session, you must follow these general steps:

  1. Add a contact to your BlackBerry device.

  2. Get that person’s permission to communicate.

    You must know one of the following to use BBM:

    • The person’s PIN

    • The e-mail address that’s associated with the person’s device

  3. Send either a Request by PIN or Request by Email message.

    If they accept your invitation to chat, the service is permitted between those two PINs.

General smooth BBM moves are as follows:

  • To send a message using BlackBerry Messenger, click a name in the contacts list; then select and click Start Conversation. Type a message and press Enter.

  • During a BBM session, choose Send a File or Send a Voice Note. The Voice Note feature is an interesting function that allows you to conduct a one-side-at-a-time conversation from almost anywhere in the world. Record a message and send it as a note, and then wait for the other party to do the same.

    It’s not quite the same as calling someone using the telephone function of a smartphone, but in international locations it’s considerably less expensive or sometimes completely free of charge (within the terms of your data plan).

  • To exit a conversation (this doesn’t mean to end it), press the Escape key. This allows you to conduct more than one BBM session, with different contacts, at the same time.

  • To end a conversation, select and click End Conversation.

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